Ethno State Univerity


Settled in the Wasatch mountain range, Ethno State University is an essential part of the innovative city and territory that has brought prosperity, security, and like-minded thinking to its citizens. At ESU, you are part of something bigger, too. You are part of a community that works to retain traditional values, and maintain its ethnocentric principles. You will appreciate the hegemony and the harmony of our campus. Faculty and students work together, strive for academic excellence, personal growth and professional expertise.

Our admissions process is highly rigorous and holistic: We take top candidates who have shown academic success, strong character, and strict adherence to Ethnostate principles. Admission is reserved, but not entirely restricted, for the sons and daughters of Ethnostate employees. Each applicant will be considered based on GPA, standardized test scores, AP exams, SAT subject tests, and ability to recite the Ethnostate charter from memory.